Chair Reweaving and Restoration

In addition to crafting Tappan Chairs, we also reweave, repair, and restore a variety of chairs upon request. Above all, we make it a point of pride to help maintain and rejuvenate historic Tappan Chairs and genuine Shaker pieces.


We proudly note that we are "Shaker trained" by Brother Arnold of the Sabbathday Lake Shakers, himself! For both Shaker tape and ash splint, we offer a flat rate for reweaving of $150, which includes removal and disposal of the old seating material, new seating foam (where appropriate), and your choice of colors and weaves. Please note that this rate does not include any additional needed repair work which may become apparent upon removal of the old seat.

Brother Arnold Hadd (r) showing Adam the "Shaker method" of weaving the Alfred Village Chairs, now crafted for the Shakers by Tappan Chairs. Photo courtesy of the United Society of Shakers.

Repair and Restoration

For repair and restoration work, we offer a shop rate of $40 per hour. As a general rule of thumb, while a loose rung may only take an hour to address, the frequent result of a spot treatment of this nature is that other rungs will begin to loosen (a result of stresses being altered with a sturdier rung on one side). The truly proper way to tighten a chair is to disassemble it as completely as possible; a process which will generally run 3-5 hours. Depending on the style of chair, removal of the old seat may be necessary, so it is frequently best to combine operations.

Other Notes

Shipping or pick-up/drop-off remains the customer's responsibility, however we are happy to arrange this for an additional charge. As can be seen above, care of older furniture will not necessarily be inexpensive. Nonetheless, a tired chair seat can be made new for less than the cost of all but the cheapest of new chairs. Furthermore, for a price comparable to purchasing a decently made new chair, an older chair can be rehabilitated--and with that, its story as an object in your home, as an heirloom, and as a piece of history can be restored for you and future generations.

If you have any further questions, or would like to have us perform work for you, please contact us!