Customer Comments and Reviews

First made in 1819 in our small town of Sandwich, New Hampshire, Tappan Chairs have been crafted nearly continuously for almost two hundred years.  As the "Tappan Chairmaker" of our current age, I take the responsibility of stewarding this wonderful company to the core of my being with every chair I make. I hope and strive to ensure that all of my customers feel as those below do; only by that can I be assured that I have done my best to bring Tappan Chairs into the next generation of its existence.  ---Adam Nudd-Homeyer, Owner and Craftsman

"We have three chairs built by Adam. They are beautiful to look at, wonderful to sit in, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. When our eleven year old grandson wants to watch TV that is the chair he chooses to sit in – not the sofa, not the recliner, but the Tappan Chair." Pelham, NH

"Not only does Adam do a beautiful job making Tappan Chairs, and other pieces of historic reproduction furniture, he has successfully restored Tappan Chairs to a thriving business here in NH where they began by making them the "right" way." Sandwich, NH

"Rarely do you find a product that is beautiful enough to be considered art yet sturdy enough to handle real life. These chairs have not a sign of wear after a year of big, busy, family use. This company was easy to work with and delivered on time and exactly what we ordered. We only wish they could make all the furniture for our house!" Moultonborough, NH

"Adam Nudd-Homeyer is a dedicated and talented craftsmen but also a dedicated historian. He is bringing new life to the Tappan Chairs by carefully and diligently researching and understanding the long and complex history of the chairs and their design changes over the last two centuries. He continues to use many of the original patterns from the 1800's as well as two lathes that also date to the 1800's. I became acquainted with Adam and Tappan Chairs as a supporter through Kickstarter. I was lucky enough to be in Center Sandwich earlier this month to attend a demonstration by Adam during which he built the chair that I purchased, and I can tell you it was amazing to watch, and the chair is very comfortable. I later had an opportunity to tour his shop and to pick out the finish and seat materials for my five slat rocker. In addition, I commissioned an additional chair for my wife. Outstanding designs, outstanding quality and a tradition that Adam will carry on for many years to come. You will not be disappointed with a new Tappan Chair." Port Huron, Michigan

"Adam Nudd-Homeyer, the owner of Tappan Chairs, LLC, is an amazing craftsman and wonderful human being. My husband and I have worked with Adam in a number of capacities (he restored a zinc statue of ours and placed it securely on its pedestal for the entire town of Sandwich, New Hampshire to enjoy); most recently we asked him to make a Tappan Chair for us. The chair is a work of art. It was built to our specifications and we were thrilled with the end product." Sandwich, NH

"Photos hardly do justice to the beautiful craftsmanship of a piece from Tappan Chairs. The owner is also the craftsman so his care and concern with each piece is equally reflected in the way he handles the people he does business with. Being both lovely and functional, Tappan Chairs would be an excellent addition to any home or business.Tuftonborough, NH

"I commissioned Tappan Chairs, LLC to make a rocking chair for my granddaughter's wedding present. She was thrilled.  I plan to purchase several more chairs for wedding presents as I can't think of a better gift than a beautifully handcrafted Tappan Chair.Sandwich, NH

"Adam Nudd-Homeyer is a true artist and craftsman. As a woodworker and metalsmith, his process is thorough and detailed, while still allowing for creativity to lead him along. As a service provider, he offers clear answers to specific questions, while also providing a full spectrum of options for you to choose from. I have been fortunate enough to be a customer as well as a collaborator in a variety of capacities. I would highly recommend Adam's work to anyone who is looking for fine handmade furniture.Saco, ME

"Adam is a talented, dedicated, responsible craftsman who has taken an idea that is centuries old and is running with it. His research has led him to the building of the Tappan Chairs that are a true work of art. He is sincere and cares so much about his craftsmanship. I am so proud to own one of his first rocking chairs, which will become an heirloom in its own right.Sandwich, NH

"Our three natural finish Tappan kitchen island stools complement the room's granite tops and painted cabinetry perfectly. I enjoy their place in our home almost as much as I enjoy sharing the Tappan & Sandwich, NH story." Scituate, MA