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The wide range of styles, woods, seating colors, and weaves we offer makes it impossible to display them all on our website. If you are interested in an option combination not shown, or are interested in seeing images of the different options available, please contact us using the form below. A large number of our finished pieces, in a wide variety of woods, seat colors, and weaves, are also easily viewable on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Likewise, if there is a particular model which you would like to order, but is not represented with a purchase link on this site, contact us with specifics and we will email you an invoice for ordering with all of the desired options identified.

Finally, you are also welcome to call or email us directly, or come and visit our studio and workshop!

Family circumstances this summer and fall may make our hours change unexpectedly. If you stop by and we are not here during regular hours please check our listing on Google (where we will keep them updated in such an event) in case we are just on a quick errand. We are sorry for any inconvenience!


Tappan Chairs, LLC

Adam Nudd-Homeyer, Craftsman
6 Skinner Street (Upper Main Street)
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
(603) 726-6550

Thank you for your interest!

Tappan Chairs Workshop and Studio at 6 Skinner Street, Sandwich, NH